IoT Testing

Utilize our QA expertise in IoT testing services for seamless performance and functionality of your IoT enabled applications

Our IoT testing solutions support real time testing of Big Data, compatibility, security, performance and more by utilizing device simulations and cloud test automation frameworks that help address the heterogeneity of devices and other technological platforms. Our expansive domain expertise with latest tools and updated technologies, cloud solutions and operational technology expertise makes us a trusted partner for IoT testing services for global companies.

Loycomp's IoT Testing Services


Usability Testing

Usability and User experience is an important part of any testing. Internet of Things (IoT) testing is no exception since it involves the use of several devices of different shape and screen size, resolution and OS version that is used by the end-users. ImpactQA has a proprietary checklist to perform UI / UX testing


Compatibility Testing

There could be hundreds of devices connected through the IoT system each carrying varied software and hardware configuration making the possible combinations of software & hardware, huge. It is thus important to ensure that these devices, sensors and IoT devices are compatible with each other


Data Integrity Testing

It’s important to check the Data integrity in the Internet of Things (IoT) Testing as it involves a large amount of data and its application. The devices interact with each other and there is data exchange. Format of data and the sanctity of data need to be tested. E.g. the data could be from sensors received via TCP / IP protocol over MQTT or HTTPS protocol over Rest APIs


Protocol and Device Interoperability Testing

This involves assessing the ability to seamlessly interoperate devices and protocols across different standards & specifications. This testing is important as IoT devices interact and exchange a lot of data with each other using various protocols


Security Testing

In the IoT environment, many users are accessing a massive amount of data. Thus, it is important to validate the user via authentication, have data privacy controls as part of security testing. Encryption and decryption and device identity authentication are key aspects


Performance Testing

Performance testing is important to create a strategic approach for developing and implementing an IoT testing strategy. Load testing under the extremes of data volume and complex aspects like timing analysis and velocity have to be taken into consideration


Reliability and Scalability Testing

Reliability and Scalability are important for building an Internet of Things (IoT) test environment which involves the simulation of sensors by utilizing virtualization tools and technologies


Authenticity Testing

With a large number of users relying on IoT devices for exchanging and storing data, security testing including user authentication, data privacy check, and encryption becomes crucial

Why Choose Loycomp for Seamless Performance and Functionality of Your Intelligent Products

  • IoT Testing Lab

    Fully equipped IoT testing labs that help conduct end-to-end interoperability testing for IoT Solutions

  • Extensive QA Testing Strategy

    A comprehensive agile testing strategy that supports teams to handle unique client requirements and solve challenges associated with validating IoT set-up, test execution and result verifications

  • Over a Decade of Domain Expertise

    Get a wholesome team of expert engineers with working domain expertise of various IoT applications

  • On-time Reporting & Insight Analysis

    Resolve issues faster and reduce the defect rate to 100% by our robust feedback and report generation system

  • Reduce Cycle Time

    Reduce arduous and time-consuming manual effort and accelerate development cycle time

  • Customer Centric Approach

    Customer centric approach with a deep industry knowledge and technical competencies by gaining a profound comprehension of client’s IoT product goals and challenges

AI/ML Testing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Based Application Testing Services

Prepare for an intelligent future and enhance your QA efficiencies by our AI platform testing, ML based validation and RPA services

The latest AI and ML technologies in the digital era require a new approach to software testing while handling complex systems and functionalities. Testing AI platforms enables companies to ensure adequate security measures for their complex applications. At Loycomp, we help companies overcome such complexities in testing AI, machine learning and natural language processing implementations. Additionally, we have built-in capabilities of using AI to enhance the efficiency of your software testing in all stages of the QA lifecycle. We offer software testing services to improve the overall experience while reducing risks and achieving high customer satisfaction.

AI & ML Services Offered By Loycomp


AI-Based Sentiment Analytics

Get insights from extracts of comments on customer’s social media accounts which help to enhance the customer experience by effective sentiment analysis


AI-Based Predictive Analysis

Real-time dashboard and AI-based predictive analytics performance engineering approach based on ML Analytics and Performance Predictions


Self-Healing Test Scripts

Smart Automation and self-healing test scripts with automated change detectors in your application


Separate Cognitive Features testing

This includes natural language processing, speech recognition, inputs optical character recognition and image recognition


AI-Powered Solutions Testing

Testing services powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning by using Chatbot Testing Framework and RPA Tests Framework


AI Platforms Testing

Testing AI-enabled platforms by data source and conditioning tests, system or regression tests, algorithm tests and API integration tools


ML Models Testing

Ensure holistic performance of your machine learning models by dual coding or algorithm ensemble, model performance testing, coverage guided fuzzing and metamorphic testing


Analytical Models Testing

Dataset split and generation, model evaluation and test reporting

How Loycomp Make AI/ML Testing More Intelligent?

  • Customized and Dynamic Test Approach

    Multi-vendor and multi-technology test labs powered by open-source and commercial test tools addressing a diversity of customer requirements

  • Certified Team of Experts

    Team of data scientists and machine learning experts to help follow a future roadmap for AI/ML platform

  • Fast Quality Product Delivery

    Reusable test frameworks and automation scripts help deliver quality solutions with speed and reduce human efforts by up to 50%

  • Test Suite Optimizer

    Identify redundancies and similarities to the tune of up to 30%

  • Robotic Test Automation Frameworks

    Cognitive driven, platform-agnostic test automation frameworks focusing on improving test efficiency and increasing automation coverage across heterogeneous technologies to 100%

  • Model Evaluation Tools

    Assess models built by data scientists with various datasets and improve model accuracy by 40%

  • Defect Analysis Solutions

    Identify high-risk areas in the application and conduct a Pareto analysis to show which modules/applications are generating 80% of defects

  • Document Validation Solutions

    Analyse handwritten documents converted into digital format and suggest corrections where necessary. Helps reduce errors by 50%

Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing Solutions for Avoiding Blockchain Application Failures

Focused end-to-end testing services for enhancing the quality of Blockchain-based applications to make them faster and secure.

Organizations across the world are searching for a modern age secure platform that can store and maintain digital data to be easily spread across multiple providers. Blockchain technology is one such solution gaining global recognition.

Blockchain Testing Services at Loycomp


Block Testing

All the blocks available on the network are individually tested to ensure proper collaboration


Functional Testing

Evaluate proper functioning for all use cases and components including size of block & chain as well as data transmission


API Testing

Inspect the interaction of the software application with the overall blockchain ecosystem


Performance Testing

Highlight potential bottlenecks to assure scalability and readiness of the software application


Integration Testing

Ensure different components seamlessly interact with each other to enhance consistency and accuracy in app performance


Security Testing

Safeguarding the blockchain application from cyber-attacks comprising of maliciousprograms and viruses


Chain Code Review

Blockchain code review is used to ensure the application is developed to quickly recognize vulnerabilities and “auto-defend” itself


Block & Chain Testing

Our team ensures the size of blocks and chains are as per the set technology standards and support seamless product launch

What Makes Loycomp a Suitable Blockchain Testing Partner?

  • Robust Testing Strategy

    Implement full test strategy covering flexible operating models and automation frameworks to fulfill business requirements

  • Risk-Based Testing

    Involvement of test engineers at every stage of testing, be it smart contract testing oressential QA support, to eliminate potential risks

  • Process-Driven Development

    Deploy risk-based testing and shift-left approach combined with early test automation, security testing, performance testing, and service virtualization

  • Blockchain Programming

    Service capability to test software applications for different blockchain types like public blockchain, semi-private blockchain, private blockchain, and consortium blockchain

  • Compliance with Key Trends

    Team of testing experts in sync with the latest trends concerned with the adoption of blockchain including AI, digital transformation, cyber-and-data security, and IoT

  • Cloud-Based Testing Model

    Next-gen service competency using agile software development supported by cloud-based support for testing operations

  • Better Team Collaborations

    Improved collaboration between QA, development, and operations teams for enhanced project visibility and faster delivery

  • Extensive Knowledge of Testing Tools

    Professional testers have practical expertise in a wide range of tools & testing frameworks, covering Ethereum Tester, Ropsten, BitcoinJ, Kovan, Truffle, Embark, etc