Functional Testing

Automated Functional Testing for Quick Software Delivery & End User Approval

We are dedicated towards testing functional aspects together with ensuring stability and reliability of a software product/service well before it enters the production phase. Loycomp delivers both manual and automated testing solutions that provide an optimal approach to speed up functional testing processes related to your project.

Functional Testing Process

  • Analyze Requirements

    Team of testers work in harmony with developers and stakeholders to avoid uncertain requirements related to the specification

  • Drafting of test strategy and creation of test cases as per the fixed plan keeping in mind each requirement in the specification

  • Automating functional testing with an aim to shorten test cycles and achieve greater accuracy with reduced human errors

  • Submission of all recognized defects within the defect tracking system, which is followed by exploratory testing to ensure no bugs were ignored

  • Preparing a test progress report that covers detailed information including executed tests, outcomes and defects found

  • Offer a complete view of associated software quality with correction recommendations as shared with the clients

Functional Testing Services Offered by Loycomp

Smoke Testing

The initial testing process conducted to analyze whether the application under test is stable and safe for further testing

Module Testing

Module testing is dedicated to examine individual sub-programs without testing the overall software application as a whole

Regression Testing

Perform regression testing to examine if any new enhancements donot lead to any unintended impact on the software application

Integration Testing

Integration testing is conducted to evaluate individual components and see how they function together

Cross-Platform Testing

Excellent testing approach to ensure a software application’s functionality across different operating systems, web browsers, and devices

System Testing

Investigation of end-to-end system specifications for recognizing maximum bugs before user-acceptance testing

User Acceptance Testing

Actual users of the software are involved to ensure whether it can fulfill required actions in real-world scenarios as per the set specifications

Component Testing

Component testing basically points out to the method through which each component of your software application is tested separately

What Makes Loycomp a Reliable Functional Testing Service Company?

  • cost-effective
    Cost-effective Testing Model

    Efficiency of QA teams to maintain a good balance between test selection and vulnerability detection to ultimately reduce testing time and cost

  • cost-effective
    Continuous Testing

    Executing automated tests in a continuous manner to receive risk-based feedback and ensure quick software releases

  • cost-effective
    Quick Results

    Swift discovery of major functional defects and problematic segments that can hamper the quality of software products

  • cost-effective
    Regression Testing Approach

    An effective CT practice which commands the re-running of functional & non-functional testing to yield better customer satisfaction

  • cost-effective
    Proficiency in Varied Applications

    End-to-end functional testing for web, mobile, and e-commerce applications along with enterprise applications (ERP, SAP, CRM, etc), IoT solutions and Big Data solutions

  • cost-effective
    Data Protection

    Secure authorization and safety of sensitive data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Security Testing

Security Testing Services to Prevent System Breaches

Loycomp's dynamic application security testing services effectively expose software vulnerabilities to minimize risks and ensure better application security and scalability. Comprehensive security testing service offering to uncover system vulnerabilities with an aim to minimize risks and target improved quality assurance. Loycomp makes use of a reliable cybersecurity framework to help enterprises maintain business continuity by providing security validation services involving potent technologies like IoT, Cloud and SAP.

Security Testing Services Offered by Loycomp

Web Application Security Testing

Ethical hacking engagement specially designed to assess vulnerabilities within the design, architecture, and configuration of web-based applications

Mobile Application Security Testing

Security testing process which helps uncover possible threats capable of permitting external sources to access private data stored within mobile devices

Network Security Testing

A type of ethical hacking technique that simulates attacks on your enterprise’s network & systems to avoid unauthorized network intrusion

Compliance Testing

Automated scanning and manual security assessment to confirm compliance with industry-specific security guidelines (DSS, HIPAA, PCI) and further assist on alleviating compliance gaps

Cloud Security Testing

Identification of potential security vulnerabilities linked to your cloud service and provide better remediation and defense capabilities

Source Code Review

Manual & automation source code review to detect possible vulnerabilities with code readability, efficiency, and logic structure to prevent security breaches


  • cost-effective
    Threat Modeling

    Providing a proactive assessment of cyber security threats and further prioritizing mitigation strategy for benefiting client enterprises

  • cost-effective
    Managed Security Testing

    Availability of essential software security testing services on a recurring basis that reduces the time and investment to conduct security testing activities

  • cost-effective
    One-Time Security Testing

    Quick assistance to highlight ongoing security vulnerabilities during a single testing project covering the overall IT infrastructure

  • cost-effective
    Collaborative Alliances

    Strengthened collaborations with leading security testing tool providers including Metasploit, Microfocus, kiuwan, Wireshark, Nessus

  • cost-effective
    Firewall Assessment

    Deploying firewall testing helps to determine the security level for a firewall against attacks which are likely to be initiated by network intruders

  • cost-effective
    Data Protection

    Secure authorization and safety of sensitive data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Mobile Testing

4X More Fixes in Half the Time with Next-Gen Mobile App Testing Services

Our comprehensive mobile testing solutions promises 90% reduced regression testing time and better fix rate for eliminating user-critical bugs in mobile apps

End-to-End Mobile Application Testing Services


Mobile App Functional Testing

Verification of mobile app features and functionalities as per the design arrangement to exhibit better product quality


Mobile App Performance Testing

Create and run load tests for determining responsiveness, scalability, readiness and operating capacity of the mobile application


Mobile App Automation Testing

Implementation of automated approach to reduce testing time and further ensure faster time-to-market


Mobile App API Testing

Active assessment of application programming interfaces (APIs) merged with integration testing to see how the mobile app fulfills expectations


Mobile App Usability Testing

Our team of testing experts ensures user-friendly UI surrounding key app functions for a smooth user experience


Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Conduct fragmentation testing covering different platforms, screen resolutions, form factors, etc.


Mobile App Security Testing

Authenticate storage issues data integrity and server side security, together with active identification of security loopholes


Mobile App Network Testing

Carrying out tests in a simulated manner to see how the app would respond in different network environments such as 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi

    Mobile App Testing Service Differentiators

  • cost-effective
    Multi-Industry Domain Expertise

    High-end proficiency in multiple industry domains with swift identification of industry-specific downsides and bottlenecks related to the mobile app

  • cost-effective
    Customized Test Cases

    The mobile app testing team structures custom test cases and test suites based on the project requirement

  • cost-effective
    Testing of Multi-Functional Mobile Apps

    Continuous testing for multi-functional mobile apps to ensure the product doesn’t crash after any fix or upgrade

  • cost-effective
    Mobile App Testing on Cloud

    Use of cloud-based mobile environments to examine various software related aspects and improve overall ROI

  • cost-effective
    Additional Test Coverage using Smart Devices

    Extensive nature of mobile app testing scope that covers not only smart phones but also tablets, e-readers, PDAs, and notebooks

  • cost-effective
    Managed Crowd Testing

    The technique involves testing the mobile application under different realistic platforms and actual users to assess its performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness

Usability Testing

Usability Testing Services

Improve ROI with our quality assured usability testing services and deliver flawless user interface and optimised user experience to your customers

Usability testing is a critical step for your enterprise to be able to deliver the ease of access your customers require for using your product. ImpactQA offers a complete portfolio of usability testing services, delivered through strategic go-to-market partnerships with various platforms having a global reach. Our experience in multiple domains and our niche capabilities add on to the value provided by our software testing services. This helps improve the quality & user experience of your applications, accelerates software innovation for your enterprise, and ensures an impeccable user experience for your customers, thus resulting in better value for your clients, globally.

Loycomp's Usability Testing Services

Mobile App Usability Testing

Maintain optimum UI experience on designing and easily attract and maintain the interest of a user towards your mobile app

Remote Usability

Perform software usability testing across different geographical locations and get quick feedbacks with moderated or unmoderated usability testing

Cloud Usability Testing

Check for optimal user experience for your applications running on cloud irrespective of browser or OS combination being used

UX Audits

Review information architecture, detect interactive pain points, UI defects and performance issues and give recommendations to improve

UX Reseearch

Analyze UX design and get necessary insights by our experienced UX specialists, business analysts and web designers

Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation

Targeted population testing of prototype on the usage behavior and quick problem solving by expert usability engineers

Website Usability A/B Testing

Usability testing of two or more versions of a web page using multivariate or bucket testing to get incomparable user experience and visually appealing websites

Hallway Testing

Random user testing to get in-depth feedback on quality, usability and functionality of software application and get basic irregularities and flaws early in development process

    Loycomp's Usability Testing Differentiators

  • cost-effective
    UI/UX Testing Experts

    Usability testing service provider that follows a unique approach focusing on the user interface (UI) & user experience (UX)

  • cost-effective
    Best in Industry Testing Expertise

    Extensive usability testing techniques including remote usability testing, Lab usability testing, Guerrilla testing, etc.

  • cost-effective
    State of The Art UX Research Lab

    TWe observe and document user actions in a fully-equipped in-house usability lab involving a broad range of devices

  • cost-effective
    Latest Testing Tools

    Active implementation of latest usability testing tools such as Testbirds, UserTesting, Lookback, UxCam, Userzoom

  • cost-effective
    Crowd Testing

    Crowd testers crafting real-world situations with real devices to closely mimic how real users will be interfacing with your mobile app or website

  • cost-effective
    Data Protection

    Secure authorization and safety of sensitive data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)