API Testing

API Testing to Ensure Stable Software Applications

We provide API testing services that ensure bug-free APIs and how they seamlessly permit the integration of the software application with other services. ImpactQA is dedicated to strengthen your software’s core functions without failing to focus on both technical- and business-related risks

API Testing Methodology

  • Test Plan & Strategy

    Creating a fixed strategy focused at client’s needs covering individual API testing, full regression testing and recommendations for the most suitable test environment configuration

  • Selection of fully functional test suites giving preference to client requriements and comprehensive documentation

  • Precisely highlighting the associated trends and potential vulnerability causes with a quick response on correction recommendations

  • Ensure compatibility for the newly introduced test script with the already existing script framework

  • This stage covers API Script Review followed by selection of API test tools, test frameworks, and integration with CI tools

API Testing Services at Loycomp


API Functional Testing

Assessment of definite functions within the codebase to ensure the API works as per specific parameters


API Automation Testing

Creation of programs and scripts to test APIs on a regular basis for saving time and deliver quick results


API Load Testing

Run functional and load tests to analyze the API output and assess system performance under definite conditions


API Integration Testing

Verify whether or not the concerned APIs fulfill expectations based on reliability, performance, and functionality


API Security Testing

Validate if the API accomplishes security needs like authentication, data encryption and essential access controls


API Regression Testing

Thorough assessment to check how the API functions after the addition of new features and prominent bug fixes


API Negative Testing

Type of API testing carried out to analyze the possibility of incorrect inputs as provided by the users


API Reliability Testing

Reliability testing is conducted to check if the target API can provide precise and consistent results without any significant complexities

What Makes Loycomp a Leading API Testing Company?

  • Improved API Quality

    Smartly mitigate business risks linked tospecific software components which can prove advantages in delivering better software quality

  • Certified QA Engineers

    Qualified dedicated QA professionals holding better knowledge in latest API testing software and innovations, together with expertise in mobile, desktop and web API testing

  • Flexible API Testing Framework

    Fully-loaded API testing framework capable of integrating with continuous delivery pipeline for improving software releases

  • Partnerships

    Collaboration with a large pool of commercial and open-source API testing tools including Katalon Studio, SoapUI, JMeter, Postman, Karate, Apigee

  • Language-Free Testing

    Data transfer during API testing is completely independent of language, thereby, helping testers select any language during automated API testing processes

  • Quick Debugging

    Run automated tests across a continuous pipeline to deliver faster feedback and lessening debugging time

  • Comprehensive API Reporting

    Complete documentation covering previous test executions, source code and other specifics related to environment configurations

ERP Testing

Quality Approved ERP Testing Services for Your Enterprise

Utilise our 360-degree digital testing solutions for seamless functionality and performance of your ERP business processes

ERP Testing Services Offered by Loycomp


Lifecycle Verification & Validation

End-to-End QA Services including Business Flow Mapping, Data Migration & Validation during or post-implementation


Upgrades Testing

Verify for functional or technical bugs while performing analysis pre and post an upgrade


Patch Testing

Verify impact on patch updates and perform regression testing


ERP System Integration Testing

Test on the interfaces, data and nightly feeds


Maintenance Testing

Perform continuous regression for ongoing releases and maintenance


Rollout Testing

Functional test creation, test execution, and test run documentation cutting SAP rollout testing


Security Testing

Test potential ERP application risks to efficiently fix issues


Agile Testing

Establish standard agile testing practises to implement effective continuous integration and delivery methodologies into the testing system

Key Differentiators of Loycomp ERP Testing Services

  • Center Of Excellence

    We have dedicated COE centres having in-depth experience in testing packaged solutions

  • ERP Packages

    Our testing & validation solutions span across the length and breadth of ERP packages including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Siebel and Oracle PeopleSoft

  • End-to-End Expertise

    We offer a full suite of integrated ERP testing services across the ERP lifecycle that includes – implementation, upgrade, production support, and maintenance

  • ERP Test Accelerators

    We have the best in industry test accelerators that come with 1500+ pre-built test cases/scripts that offer test coverage for most of the standard process of leading ERP modules

  • ERP Test Accelerators

    We have a dedicated team of testers with rich experience in industry-standard ERP testing tools for test automation. Our QA team expertise includes HP Quick Test Professionals; IBM Rational Functional Testers (RFT); NeoLoad; Silk Performer; SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO); performance testing (HP Load Runner) and Test Data Management

  • Domain Expertise

    Our domain expertise and experience allow us to deliver quality and cost-effective ERP solutions to support our clients throughout their ERP implementation journey

DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing Services

Achieve high quality software release with integrated and robust DevOps QA Services and optimise your SDLC with our advanced shift left testing expertise

DevOps Testing Services Offered by Loycomp


Shift Left Testing Approach

Our DevOps software testing professionals support continuous delivery by assessing an enterprise’s software’s quality after every change with unit tests, integration tests, automated acceptance tests etc


Continuous Testing with CI and CD

Our team offers continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery with standardized templates, processes, checklists assisting faster software release


DevOps Environment set-up

We help in establishing on-demand test data environment setup, configuration, scheduling and overall DevOps environment maintenance


Synchronized Test-Driven Development

We ensure an orchestrated enterprise where SCRUM teams collaborate to produce testable and deployable codes in every iteration

    Key Differentiators of Loycomp DevOps Testing Services

  • cost-effective
    End-to-End Automated Testing Solutions

    We help build end-to-end automated DevOps testing solutions along with continuous quality monitoring for cross-functional teams.

  • cost-effective
    Best QA Testing Team

    Best in class team of QA professionals capable of managing both onsite and offshore operations

  • cost-effective
    Cloud Testing Environments

    We provide customized virtual and cloud testing environments on-demand that can be scaled as per your project specifications

  • cost-effective
    Updated DevOps Technologies

    Deploy the latest DevOps technologies in our comprehensive testing routine including DevTestOps, AIOps, continuous testing, etc.

  • devops-test-auto
    DevOps Test Automation

    Integrate, create, organize, end-to-end DevOps test automation techniques with our DevOps testing solutions

  • cost-effective
    DevOps Test Centre of Excellence

    We help configure & execute popular CI/CD tools supporting your DevOps transformation & application testing efforts through our extensive DevOps centre of excellence

Medical Device Testing

Medical Device Testing Services

Our QA experts at ImpactQA specializes in verification and validation of medical devices used by Doctors, Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Endocrinologists, & Cardiologists to deliver a safe and secure experience to all the patients

Medical Device Testing Services at Loycomp


Functional Testing

The functional testing of a medical device consists of testing different test scenarios on functional blocks such as instruments, operating system, hardware etc., which must be validated and verified for their operational effectiveness


Conformance and Compliance Testing

By performing the conformance and compliance testing for a medical device, it is ensured that the federal and regulatory criteria set for quality and safety is following the optimal quality of design and manufacturing practices


Review Design Specifications and Gap Analysis

Medical device testing review gap analysis of documents, such as technical files/design dossiers, usability engineering reports, risk documents, Design Controls (DHF), validation documents, clinical evaluation reports and more


IoT Testing

We bring your innovative IoT medical device to market faster with our software testing solutions – from EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, to wireless device characterization, our cloud based IoT labs help you enable real-time monitoring of your devices


Performance (Load and Stress) Testing

Our performance & load testers ensure that data transmission is unaffected by external disruptions in the user’s internet connection. All Protected Health Information (PHI) data is backed up before transferring and is erased after it’s been sent successfully


Enterprise Workflow Testing

From devising QA and testing strategy for mechanical design to performing regulatory services, electronic design and development, failure modes & effects analysis (FMEA), the enterprise workflow testing we provide is highly scalable, reliable, robust and user-friendly


System Integration & Interface Testing

System integration testing occurs after each one of the modules are integrated and tested successfully during the software testing lifecycle. Hence, the software is merged with the hardware to ensure that both will work together as a system


Interoperability of Medical Devices

The healthcare sector faces a huge demand for interoperability testing and hence Test automation is implemented to create a strong QA environment to ensure that every aspect of the software/application is tested to assure interoperability

Medical Device Testing Service Differentiators

  • 15+ Years of Domain Expertise

    We have experts with 15+ years’ experience in medical devices with capabilities in Orthopaedics, Cardiovascular, IVD and hospital disposables.

  • Medical Device Verification & Validation

    Our dedicated QA team has capabilities in Mechanical, Electrical, Quality and Regulatory of medical devices in major markets including USA & Europe.

  • Hospital Clinical System Testing

    Our skills also include developing Design Dossiers (DHF/Tech Files), 510 (K) applications, UDI implementation, Remediation of the Class I, II and III products, and CAPA Management.

  • Our Medical Regulatory Compliance

    ImpactQA has expertise on IEC 60601 3rd edition in the areas of spine, ENT, trauma, ophthalmic, IOT Gateways, embedded electronics, remote monitoring systems, emergency care and single use devices.

  • Quality Assurance for EHR & EMR Systems

    Our testing specialists need to test (EHR Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems to electronically segment patient’s health information in a digital format.